Manchester City reveals injuries to De Bruyne, Ederson

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola reveals the latest condition of Kevin De Bruyne and Ederson who were injured in the game against Spurs.

De Bruyne and Ederson started for Manchester City in the important game, defeating Spurs 2-0. But neither played the full game. They were both substituted in the 69th minute UFABET 

“KDB” who assisted on Erling Haaland’s first goal was injured in a clash with Pap Sar. While Ederson joined Christian Romero when Spurs had a chance to football score.

Pep said after the game, “Kevin got kicked in the ankle. and was unable to run well. While Ederson did not have concussion symptoms. But he has a problem with his eyes. He couldn’t see clearly. The doctor said I should change him out.”

Ederson’s substitution and Stefan Ortega replacing him in goal became another important factor in helping the team win. As Orteta made a super save to prevent Son Heung-mi’s solo moment. It’s incredible. He did not concede a goal and equalized before receiving a penalty, reinforcing the 2-0 victory from Erling Haaland.

Pep praised the second goalkeeper who has helped the team many times this season. “He is a world-class goalkeeper. A wonderful goalkeeper, wonderful.”