Haaland Credit Orteka -Relaxing.

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Erling Braut Haaland, Manchester City striker, even though he scored a double in the game, defeating Spurs 2-0. He must give credit to the important save of reserve goalkeeper Stefan Ortega Moreno. Because Help maintain the leading score until it enters the sign. From now on, focus 100% on the duel with West Ham (19 May) to win the championship.

Ortega Romero replaced number one Ederson Moraes in the 69th minute. Because he was hit on the chin by the home team’s Christian Romero while charging to score a goal.   UFABET 

The Deutchman did not disappoint his teammates when he saved Son Heung-min’s solo effort in the 85th minute. Keeping the score up 1-0 before Haaland scored a penalty to close the box 2-0 in the 90th minute and take the lead. Away from the league’s top scorer, 27 goals, five assists. 

That makes 37 games played, City has 88 points, 2 points more than second-placed Arsenal. In the final match at home against West Ham. ‘The Blues’ just need a win or a performance not worse than the ‘Guns’. Big’, which kicks off at the Emirates Stadium against Everton (19 May, both pairs), is the English Premier League champion for 4 consecutive times, the first team in history.

At this time, the 23-year-old striker almost wanted to jump and kiss Stefan, who saved the opportunity to make history as the first team to win the English Premier League 4 times in a row.

the official website revealed. 

“Ederson was amazing last night and Ortega was Man of the Match. What can I say? He’s unbelievable, he’s got a good personality, of course the whole team is happy for him,” the official website revealed. 

“The team has an amazing attitude. We concentrate on game-by-game. Until now, I am relaxed and confident about the appointment.” 

“At first I was a little nervous, that’s normal. Each person feels overflowing. Everyone knows the situation before the race. It is that you should not look beyond the matter in front of you. Concentrate on what to do and win the game. ” 

As for the preparation before the game at the Etihad Stadium, there is probably nothing special. In addition to relaxing as much as possible

“Relax, don’t think too much” Haaland

“Relax, relax with our family and practice together. Do what you’ve done for the past 37 games, try not to get distracted, stay focused and enjoy the game.” 

“I didn’t think that the chance to win the league championship this year was more exciting than any other year. Because I don’t remember anything from last season.”

“Try to relax. Don’t wander off and just focus on the next match.” 

Asian Handicap: Manchester City, two and a half goals plus three -10, total score of four goals, in meeting West Ham this week.