Ange disappointed at Spurs fans’ attitude, only happy about Gunners’ woe

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Ange Postecoglou slammed the sick attitude of his own team’s fans. Is there anything satisfying about seeing the team lose 0-2 to Manchester City just to prevent Arsenal. Their arch rival, from becoming league champions for the first time in two decades? Instead of cheering for 3 points against the hope of winning a Champions League ticket. Because they can only think like this, they won’t succeed.

Before the game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium yesterday. The ‘Golden Spurs’ ranked fifth, trailing fourth-place Aston Villa in the Champions League quota. Which has played more than one match, by five points. 

This means that if they succeed in defeating City, they will reduce the gap to 2 points and then go to the final match where they will visit the relegated team. Sheffield United, while ‘Singha Rising’ will visit the rising team, Crystal Palace (19 May). ) Looking at it, I’m still excited to overtake it. AngeUFABET 

But it turned out to be before the competition. ‘The Blues’ are trending from Spurs fans who would rather lose than win the Champions League ticket. Because they want to prevent the ‘Guns’ from becoming league champions. 

At the right moment.

Erling Braut Haaland scored to give City a 1-0 lead. The ‘Golden Spurs’ supporters were overjoyed, turning their backs to the stands and hugging their necks to celebrate in ‘Poznan’ style. 

The picture that appeared was very irritating to Ange the 58-year-old coach, who pointed out that if he still had that attitude, he would be ridiculed as a lousy person who was loud but had pipes and wheels that didn’t turn, but was good at fighting with the villagers. Kite champion for the whole nation 

said a statement from Sky Sports.

“Over the past 48 hours It has been revealed that the team’s fundamentals have completely shattered,” said a statement from Sky Sports.

“Coming out strong like that hurts my feelings. From now on, it was necessary to go back to the drafting table and make many corrections as well.” 

“The trend comes from outside, inside or everywhere. From personal observation it is an interesting issue that needs to be resolved.”

“You can use it to assess the value of your work here, or maybe I just don’t understand the situation… That’s okay.” 

“Maybe I’m the type that goes out of style. But who cares? I want to be a winner.” 

“What the hell is wrong with other people? What do they want or feel? And What will they prioritize first? It is not in my interest in the slightest.”

“I want to build a team that is going to win.” 

“I know exactly what I want to do. But I need to adjust the way I do it.”  

There is starting to be a trend of Spurs fans and players not wanting more Australian coaches because they are stubborn , have high egos , and don’t know how to adjust their football philosophy according to the situation. Until he may have to bounce back at the end of the season, rumors continue to spread again to turn to a football coach who focuses on results. Going into the Frog textbook, there is no wrong way to choose your boss.